Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Tribute to SPAM

SPAM, SPAM, you wonderful treat,
Baked, fried or grilled,
You are "crazy tasty" to eat

Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner,
You are the clear winner.
There really is no compare,
As your aroma fills the air.

SPAM in the morning,
Diced with scrambled eggs.
Or maybe in an omelet,
smothered with cheese.
Whatever the way,
You're sure to please.

Then there's lunch
With SPAM on a bun,
Fried up slightly brown
Until it is done.

You are sure to thrill,
Whether cooked over a fire,
or on the grill.

Oh, what's in that can?
A little pork shoulder
and a whole lotta ham!!

70 years and still going strong,
Did you think you'd be around that long?
1937 must have been a great year,
Mr Hormel turned the world on it's ear!

When I'm at the store,
it can be an awful bore,
but then i see that little blue tin,
and think of all the deliciousness within!

Some people give you grief,
but I just shake my head in disbelief,
because i know how you make me feel,
and that yummy taste is for real!

So next time you're looking at a can,
Go ahead, pick it up and fry it in a pan.
Take my advice, you'd better buy two,
Because leaving someone out will make them blue.

SPAM! Gotta Love It!


Amanda said...

I think I need my stomach pumped after reading that.

SPAM said...

Thanks....I'll take that as a compliment.

Amanda said...


SPAM said...

Ha, Ha,
You can't hurt me,
I'm in a blue can,
and "Crazy Tasty!"

Char said...

We had spam this weekend! I even bought the 70th anniversary tin!!
I don't get why people say yuck to it. It's just ham and pork. It's really no different than lunch meat. Spam is a staple while camping too!

SPAM said...

You are now one of my favorite people in the whole world. I'll see if I can hook you up with a T-shirt or something.

Amanda said...

If I knew you were giving away gifts I would have pretended to like you too!
Yum spam.


SPAM said...

Nice try, but too late!

Amanda said...

fine. I didn't mean it anyway.

SPAM said...

I knew that,you SPAM disliker!!!!!!


SPAM said...

SPAM I am.

Lets be Frank said...

I like SPAM. I think that we will have it for supper tonight!

SPAM said...