Sunday, May 11, 2008

Monday Creek

First, I would like to thank all who voted in my poll and also thanks to everyone who has and is reading my blog. Please don't be shy about leaving comments. I turned off the crazy word verification, so it should be easier now.

Since all but one vote was for Wayne in Nelsonville, I thought I would have a poll on what part of it you liked riding the most. We usually only have one day to ride, so we have been parking at the #5 White Oak lot in the Dorr Run Loop area. It has a ramp you can back your truck up to and unload your ATV.
Anyway I enjoy all the bridges and stuff in this area, and where the large rock is and the trail is narrow.

I have ridden Long Ridge, however it's been many years ago. I think it was even connected to the rest of the trail system so you didn't have to trailer there. If anyone has ridden here lately, I would like to hear how it is. Just click on comments below.

The Main Corridor is a long ride if you park in New Straitsville and ride all the way to Dorr Run. If I rode those two areas from New Straitsville, I would have to carry extra gas with me.

I know last time I rode the New Straitsville Loop, it was very smooth and easy. It may have changed since then, however.

If you want to ride the whole system(minus Long Ridge), I would park at the Monday Creek parking lot. It's about in the middle. You can ride up to New Straitsville from there, then come back, gas up, eat or what ever and then ride Dorr Run. The Monday Creek Lot has an outdoor toilet, and every time I've been there, a food vendor of some kind. It does tend to be more crowded, though, so you might want to get there early.

My advice to you all.............Save up some money for gas(currently $3.79 here), get a season pass to the Wayne, get a map and go riding!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

And the Winner of the Poll is:

Wayne National Forest in Nelsonville!
7 votes total
6 for the Wayne
1 for Richland Furnace

I am surprised that no one voted for Perry.