Friday, January 07, 2011

Wayne National Forest

Cheesy Potatoes! It's already 2011 and I have not posted about my ride to Wayne the day after Thanksgiving! Well here goes....

We get there and sure enough, the parking lots are paved and so is the road going in to Dorr Run, which is actually quite nice. You don't have the huge trailer swallowing pot holes in the marginally cared for gravel road anymore. Also you will not have to worry about muddy parking lots while changing clothes. Not truly necessary, but it was nice. Now if they could just get running water and decent restrooms in at least one of the parking areas.......

As for the trails, most of them are the same....water filled and semi challenging. They did groom a few of the trails making them super fast. I enjoyed that for a while, it makes for a fun workout. If not for following most of our group, I would have been flying down those trails! My Scrambler just begs to go fast and those trails sure were fun! By the way there were nine of us, probably the biggest group I have ever ridden with.

We missed the vending trailer as they had already packed up for the season. The trails were not real busy, but our parking lot was almost full. The other lots only had a few people in them. It was rather chilly out and if you were not dressed for it, you would have been cold. It was very wet with puddles filling the trail in plenty of spots. My Scrambler offers little protection from the mud for the rider, so I had quite a bit of mud on me.

We did have a flat tire incident, with the tire off the rim, but a guy on a sweet Sportsman XP 850 that sounded like a small block Chevy V-8, came by and had an air compressor that worked a miracle. So we were back at it after a little break.

We went back to the trucks for lunch, I topped off the gas and then we went back out for a while.

Over all it was a fun ride, a little cold for some, but I was plenty warm with my multiple layers of clothing. We loaded up before dark and headed home, stopping at McDonalds for supper on the way. I only wish it was closer, then I could buy a season pass and it would be worth it.

Well that's all for now. Winter has set in and the trails will be closed until April 15, so everyone keep warm and ride!